Adventures in France

The last couple of days have been spent visiting my sister (the Keen One a.k.a. Kenny) in France. Ken is currently on her year abroad, working at a business school full time like a Grown-Up. Unfortunately, as she is now part of the working world, this means that she can only take 20 days off in total throughout the year, and has been unable to come home as much as she’d like to. So it made perfect sense for me to go visit her instead, as I’m off for three weeks this Easter.

We’ve had so much fun! I’ve been to France many times in the past, but I’ve never really had a chance to see the sites, so that was what we did on my first day; Tai The Tourist was in full force:

Notre Dame (Quasimodo was nowhere in sight)WP_20160328_15_36_05_Pro__highres.jpg

Classic Eiffel Tower photo

Arc de Triomphe

Feeling on point at the Louvre

We also went to Versailles, and I tried French onion soup for the first time- it actually wasn’t bad! I got to go into work with Ken as well, and everyone was so lovely. We managed to play tricks on people and freak them out, ofcourse #standard.

I got some work done while I was at work with Ken, so yay for productivity! I’ve had so much fun, and I’m sad to be going back home- it’s super cray that the next time I’ll see Kenny will be on our birthday, and that seems so far away 😦


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