Joining the Bone Marrow Register (An Update)

So my saliva kit came, and here I am holding it:
Saliva Kit

Providing a sample was quite easy- all I had to do was go half an hour without eating or drinking (gum included), and then spit in a tube. Simple!

I then sealed the tube and shook it 5 times so the purple fluid inside it would mix well with my spit. (The purple fluid helps keep the sample at room temperature). If you were curious, here’s what a tube of my saliva looks like:

Saliva Sample (lol)
Hmmm, yummy…

Anthony Nolan even provided an envelope for me to post the sample for free, so it was quite easy to send back too.

And now I have a six to eight week wait to get confirmation that I’m officially on the bone marrow register, exciting times!

(P.S- Despite there being a 1 in 25 million chance of it happening, Lara found a match! This would not have been possible without increased awareness causing more people to sign up to be donors. So if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?)


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