An Introduction to PBL Q

It was recently pointed out to me that I haven’t written anything about my PBL group this year. I did one about PBL M in first year, so it’s only fair that I do a similar post about my new group. So, without further ado, here’s PBL Q (Ooo that rhymes…)

Ed– The only postgrad in our group; we constantly tease him for being ‘old,’ because with being alive for almost a quarter of a century, Ed’s seen life, you know? Every teardrop is a waterfall with this guy, and even though we laugh at things he says and does, he really is the heart of our group. Fun fact: Ed used to be a choral scholar.

Flo– The queen of throwing shade- Flo’s shade throwing is subtle, with a smile, and one of the best parts of primary care placement. She once told me that when she was younger, she wanted to run away with a circus, and I wasn’t even surprised to be honest, because that’s just classic Flo. Fun fact: she can play the bagpipes.

Heena– Ahh, Heens. At the start of the year we started compiling a list of quotes from her, but gave up on that because we just couldn’t keep up. From moments like when she thought 11 written down was Roman numerals, to the bold claim that everyone will die from diabetes, there’s never a dull moment with her. Fun fact: She can do the splits.

Jay– The rugby guy and king of puns, Jay’s anecdotes are always entertaining. My favourite is the story of his house getting alcohol for pre drinks from an estate agent, because they wore shirts advertising them on a night out. The stories about his house are just funny in general- they’re really serious when it comes to food left on the edge…  Fun fact: Jay can play the guitar.

Mo– Wiz Khalifa’s biggest fan- the look on his face when our PBL tutor said she didn’t know who he was? HILARIOUS. The footballer of the group, he’s always so mysterious and refuses to tell us the film that made him cry… Fun fact: Mo has never seen High School Musical and has said he never will.

Samirah– One of the most dedicated stalkers readers of this blog, she’s even gotten a shout out in one of my posts. She’s #TeamVegan with Flo, and she’s also a walking jukebox, as she has the impressive ability of being able to name songs after only a few seconds of listening to them. Fun fact: She has a sister called Shakirah, but whether or not her hips lie remains unanswered.

Sarah– The girl who is always on it- we would be so lost without Sarah. She’s so organised, and we can always count on her to sort out patient allocations and our mock OSCEs. I’m also living with her and Flo next year, exciting times! Fun fact: Sarah is a long distance runner, and does 5km to 10km.

Simi– Last but not least is Siman, who calls me Taiwo sometimes, and it’s nice because not many people do. Even though she was born in Holland, she refuses to speak Dutch with our GP tutor, but one day she will. One day. Fun fact: She’s from Djibouti, which is an African country I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of before meeting her. My geography is shocking…

And that’s my PBL group! We have really good GP tutors, and our PBL tutor is a 4th year who intercalated, and she’s so SO great.

It’s no secret that I had (and still have) a lot of love for my PBL group from last year, so I was really worried I wouldn’t get on as well with my group this year. This has not been the case though, because PBL Q are lovely, and even though we’re all different, it’s a good thing because it’s a great mix of people. We spend a lot of PBL sessions and placement laughing, so I’m glad I’m in this group- our PBL ‘Circle of Trust and Safety’ time is definitely one of the highlights of my week 🙂