A Thai Massage

*Insert Thai/Tai joke here*

So Starbucks Gal submitted her dissertation this week (wooooooo), and to celebrate, we went for a Thai aromatherapy massage!

Thai Massage

How was it? Very… oily. I didn’t realise that an aromatherapy massage uses a lot of oil (yeah I should have probably paid more attention when we booked it), so getting it off afterwards was quite long. The massage lasted an hour and even though I felt quite tense at the start- I was worried about dislocating my shoulder again- I eased up after a while, and my shoulder was fine, yay! It was really relaxing- there was music playing, and candles lit, and it was all very atmospheric.

Another thing I didn’t realise was that it was a full body massage, so that was something else I should have paid attention to. Note to self: Know exactly what you’re paying for before you book a massage!

Would I have one again? Definitely! After exams are done, I’m going to need a massage to de-stress, but it probably won’t be another aromatherapy one though. I’m feeling like a deep tissue massage will be better… ain’t nobody got time to be all oily.


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