Challenge of the Month: Med’s Got Talent

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of how blessed I am to be at university studying medicine. It’s all possible through the grace of God, so what better way to show how grateful I am than a public proclamation of my faith?

Every year, as part of MedSoc Raising and Giving (MRAG) week, there is a talent show. I came across this performance by CeCe Winans a couple of weeks ago, and it reignited my love for this song, so I decided to sing it in the talent show. I sing a lot- started when I was about 5, began classical training in year 9, and got to Grade 8 at the end of sixth form. I’m also part of the church band and sing most Sundays; singing just makes me really happy.

This was a challenge for me because not many people know I sing. Only my close friends, people who live with me (I annoy my housemates with my incessant singing, sorry guys), and those that go to my church know, because I don’t really talk about it. It was also a challenge because it was my second time singing in public on my own. Growing up, The Keen One a.k.a Kenny, and I always sang together, so I felt very nervous doing this by myself.

How did it go then?

I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I didn’t expect it at all- I was the first to perform, and was gently told that it was unlikely that I would win, as early acts are easier to forget. I didn’t enter to win anyway; my aim was to give a shout out to my main man Jesus, so I was really shocked and overwhelmed by the responses from the judges. I’m still buzzing, SO HAPPY!

I couldn’t have done it without my gym buddy/accompanist/vocal coach, who I will refer to as York Girl. She really went out of her way to play for me- transposing music, booking rehearsal rooms, and giving me tips on producing a better sound (she was tough and quick to point out when I went flat, which I did… a lot). I’m so grateful to her, and I really appreciate her help.

Med's Got Talent

So yeah, the main take away message from all this? I have a blessed assurance in God 🙂


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