To The Girls At Number 36

Grateful is an understatement to describe how thankful I am to you.

Not only did you open your house to me when I was stuck for somewhere to stay during exams, but your encouragement and support during revision was also much appreciated. From practising examinations to drilling each other on logbooks, and praying together before exams, revising with you guys was very helpful, because in both the written and practical assessments, remembering things we’d talked through made me able to answer questions.

I never once felt like an outsider- you made me feel very welcome. And as someone who doesn’t have many close female friends (forever ‘one of the lads’), it was so so lovely to be included in your close-knit circle.

Home now, and as I nervously await my results, I just want to say a massive thank you for your kindness. I know that whatever the outcome of the exams are, I would never have gotten through them without you.

Alice, Narki and Rochelle, you are wonderful people.



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