Pretending To Be A Graduate

Pretending to be a grad lol Only three years to go till I can wear this for real!

Last week two of my favourite people in the world graduated, and I felt like a proud mother. I tagged along to their grad week, ofcourse, and it was nice to hang out at university and explore the city without having work on my mind.

Starbucks GalBangladeshi Bae

Starbucks Gal and Bangledeshi Bae are two of my dearest friends, and over the last three years, they have been a constant source of support, encouragement, and many, many laughs, and are great for putting up with me as a flat/housemate for so long.

I’m absolutely devastated that they’re leaving me, but I’m even more proud of their accomplishments, and how much work they’ve done to get to graduation. I’m really going to miss them- life at university won’t be the same without them around, but this is definitely not goodbye!


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