I may be just a bit biased, but I have the best brother. Seriously, I do.

He got us a Snapchat filter for our birthday. A SNAPCHAT FILTER.

Snapchat Filter—->  Yupp, this happened.

Who even does that??? I didn’t even know that it was possible, but I guess I’m just not as down with the kids as I thought I was, because apparently personalised filters are all the range now.

Last Saturday was mine and The Keen One a.k.a Kenny’s twenty first birthday party (the official hashtag was #twintyone, ofcourse), and it was so much fun. Organising a party with Ken in France and me in exam mode was no easy feat, and massive shout out to Abs (my mother) for keeping us sane like the absolute babe that she is.

I had such a great time on Saturday- we really felt the love from our friends and family that came, and we’re blessed to have such great people in our lives 🙂

1 (Twinty One) (1)9.JPGDSC_0231.JPG

Another shoutout goes to our awesome brother for his beautiful, heartfelt speech. He is such a better bro to us than we are sisters to him, and he’s so brilliant and funny. We’ve accepted that he’s much cooler than we’ll ever be, but that’s okay because we can be cool by association right? Right??

So much love ❤


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