To My Brother

First of all, apologies for not getting you a card. I don’t believe in generic birthday cards- I’m a bigger fan of long, heartfelt messages. So here is yours:

17 years ago, you were born. It was a Sunday so after church, we were taken to the hospital to meet our new little brother. I distinctively remember thinking that you were the most beautiful little thing that I had ever seen, which is quite a deep sentiment for a 4 year old to have, but it’s one of my earliest memories.

As you grew, you became a pest to us, and our annoying third wheel. It’s only recently that I’ve began to realise how tough it must have been for you, being born after twins and excluded from our twin world and games, because you never showed it.

In fact, your joy when we did let you hang out with us, and the fun we had (even though we’d deny it as kids), is why playing with you and Ken makes up the majority of my happiest recollections of our childhood. Despite our many toys, nothing beat turning one of the kitchen stools upside down, so it became a car or ship, and we would pretend to be explorers together.

Ken and I always joke that we’re prematurely aged, but it’s true that looking after you from a young age has made us more responsible. I think I’m pretty calm most of the time, but all that goes away when someone attempts to put you down. Over the years people have tried it, because not going to lie, you can be quite irritating sometimes, but I will always come to your defense and stand up for you; no one can pick on our little brother. (Except us, of course.)

We might shut you down when you tell people we are, but to be honest, we’re pretty much triplets because you know us better than anyone else. You know enough secrets about us to make us never want to leave the house if they ever came out, but we know we can always count on you to keep them secret.

I’m so proud of what a great person you are, because you really don’t get enough credit for it. You’re brilliant, hilarious, and so talented- your art work never ceases to amaze me, as I still can’t draw a straight line with a ruler…

You’re cooler than we’ll ever be, it’s true. The fact that you never laugh at us for not knowing things like how to dab (this mostly applies to Kenny), or when you blow off parties to hang out with us instead, and even saving up money to buy us a Snapchat Filter, are just few examples of the depth of your kind heart.

Happy birthday, AD; inside and out, you’re better than I am.


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