I Want To be Gregory House

A question I get asked a lot is what I do when I stay up late. You see, during the holidays, when I have no lectures and don’t need to get up early, I plan my days so I don’t have to do stuff till the afternoon/evening. And this means that I don’t go to bed till around 4am.

What keeps me up so late, you ask? Three things: Books, TV shows and films. If I’m not reading, I’ll be watching something; there’s always a film or new TV show to get into. Always. My ‘To Watch’ list is never ending.

So far this summer I’ve read 16 books, finished both seasons of Outlander in 3 days, and caught up on Girl Meets World (Yes, I’m 21 and still watch Disney Channel #dontjudgeme), but this post is about House.


2 seasons in, and I’m obsessed. For anyone who has been living under a rock (like I was before I got into the show), House is pretty much a medical version of Sherlock Holmes, and it centres on Dr Gregory House and his team of diagnostic doctors, who tackle different cases every week.

It’s so SO good! A lot of people I know watch it- lecturers at my medical school praise its accuracy, and I always thought it was overhyped but nope, most definitely not.

What I really like about it is how the show tackles medical ethics, as some of the ways House uses to get results are morally questionable. It’s also great revision, and I know that I’ll definitely be adding it to my ‘This Counts as Revision, Right?’ list. (Bones is also on this list).

I want to be a doctor as smart as Dr Greg House, but in terms of people skills, that could be improved. Add in Cameron’s empathy and Cuddy’s no nonsense attitude though, and I think that’s more of what I want the future Dr Taiwo to be like. 3 years to go…


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