Nigerian Independence Day


To celebrate 56 years of Nigeria gaining independence from British rule, I had an independence day parTAY in my new house! I wanted a chance to educate my new housemates on Nigerian culture, and independence day this year was conveniently on a Saturday, so it was the perfect opportunity.

I made fried rice, jellof rice, gizzard stew, plantain, and grilled some chicken too, so it was quite the feast! Massive shoutout to my gal, Alice, for helping with the cooking- her onion chopping skillz are on point! Starbucks Gal also came down for the weekend, and it was SO great to have her back; uni life is definitely not the same without her and Bangladeshi Bae, who unfortunately couldn’t make the celebrations, but sent his apologies.

Also, I have to give a shout out to lovely Aunty Ije, who helped me with making the jellof rice and stew. Aunty Ije goes to my church, and she also happens to be a caterer, so ofcourse I asked for her help with cooking, as I’ve never made food for more than 6 people.

My housemates are massive cuties for wearing Nigerian colours to support me, JUST LOOK AT THEM:


Overall it was a massive success, and I’m definitely considering making it an annual thing! Anyway, enough from me. Here are some pictures from the celebrations:


Special mention to Samirah for being the life of the party and getting everyone to dance! If she hadn’t been there, I definitely wouldn’t have had as much fun as I did. Here she is being all shy, what a QT:



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