Challenge(s) of the Month: Body Pump & Body Combat

I am now a gym person.

By gym person, I mean that I am now someone who goes to the gym sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean once or twice a week. I am not enough of a gym person to buy a membership or brave it alone yet, so shout out to York Girl, my ever patient ‘Personal Trainer,’ who makes gyming not so intimidating for me, and makes me feel better about being such a n00b by helping me to laugh at myself.

So to take my gyming to the next level, I decided to try out some classes; Body Pump and Body Combat, to be exact. Long story short, Body Pump was blooming awful and I’m not going back, and Body Combat was super fun, and I’m looking forward to going again.

What made Body Pump so awful, you ask? Well I didn’t realise it involved so much weight lifting- the squats and leg stuff were fine, but I really struggled with the triceps and biceps work, because my arms are so so weak. Part of this stems from my fear of dislocating my shoulder again, so I just couldn’t keep up.

The instructor noticed this, and she then keep picking on and drawing attention to me for the rest of the class. It was embarrassing and very unfair, as I wasn’t the only one who was struggling, and it was my first time! She was aware of this and still didn’t give me a break, which wasn’t very nice.

Body Combat, on the other hand, was so much better! I went with Kiren, who was in my PBL group in year one, and it was a lot of fun; no weights, YAY. It involved a lot of punching and kicking the air, as well as squats (my faves), and some cardio and ab work to finish.

Not going to lie, my motivation to learn defend myself was Gigi Hadid. After watching the video of how she recovered from being picked up by that strange man, I was determined to learn some moves myself. You can never be too careful…

So, watch this space! By the end of the year 3, I’ll be super toned and be able to punch properly 💪👊


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