Dedicated to Abs (My Mother)

For many years, being a single mum with kids was the dream. I wanted to be a doctor too (obvs), and I’ve never not wanted to have children, but being married/having a husband wasn’t really on top of my priority list. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded raising my future children alone.

People who know me well will probably read this and think, “Classic Ice Queen,” but the reason why being a single mum looked great was because Abs (my mother) did it so well.

Seeing my mum effortlessly balance work and looking after us made it look easy. I’ve admitted many times that I was quite a spoilt child, and it’s true, because despite a bit of a tumultuous start, my childhood was very comfortable.

We owe a lot of that to God’s grace, ofcourse, and it enabled my mum to be Superwoman, as she raised us without ever showing how tough it must have been for her.

Seriously it was only when I told her that I used to want to be a single mum, that she started to tell me how hard it was. She never showed it, not even once, and since then, I have taken back my words.

I’ve always wanted to be like my mum, and a lot of who I am has been influenced by her. I’m very blessed to have grown up with such a wonderful role model, and I pray everyday that I’m as great as mum as she is, when I have my own children.

Anyway, this week, she celebrated her 47th birthday!


Mummy, I don’t say it enough, but everything I’ve accomplished so far would not have been possible without the many sacrifices you’ve done for us. Your never-ending patience and kindness inspire me to be a better person, and I love you very much.


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