Module 7 Placement: ENT

For anyone who doesn’t know, ENT stands for ‘Ears, Nose and Throat,’ and my first week of secondary care was a very intense week spent trying to fit everything in. For module 7 I’m back in my favourite hospital, which has the best teaching in my opinion, but the down side to that is early starts in the morning, as our bus leaves at 8am from campus. I can’t really complain though, because as medical students, we get free transport to and from placement. This is something other healthcare students don’t get, so we’re quite spoilt to be honest.

As we only had one week in ENT, our timetables were very busy, meaning that apart from our hour lunch break, we had something on from half 9 till 5. I really enjoyed it though- the consultants and registrars were really nice, even though they were disappointed that none of us were interested in ENT…

My days consisted of teaching sessions, clinics, structured patient teaching (where patients with certain conditions are brought in for us to practise our history and examination skills), and theatre.

We had a clinic with my favourite ENT lecturer, the one who broke his nose and is a P&P fan too. He really grilled us, so when he said one of my patient presentations was perfect, it was such a proud moment for me. YAY.

I’m slowly getting there with otoscopy, which is the use of an otoscope to examine the ears.

Image result for otoscopy
The correct way is to hold it like a pen, but for some reason I keep overthinking it, so when I hold an otoscope, I sometimes forget how to hold a pen? It’s so frustrating, but I guess all I can do is keep practising.

I really enjoyed my time in theatre too- I got to watch the insertion of grommets, as well as a few tonsillectomies. The anaesthetic team were so brill with the younger patients- they told them stories as they were put to sleep for surgery, and it was all very cute.  I think some of the parents were more nervous than their children; one mother was literally sobbing, even though her son’s procedure (a nose fracture reduction) took less than five minutes!

Another great moment during my week in ENT was when I jokingly suggested for music to be played in theatre, to lighten the mood during a tonsillectomy, and they listened to me! So we had a little singalong to bangers like All I Want for Christmas and Wham’s Last Christmas. So much fun!

Anyways, what are my take home lessons from ENT?

1) Surgery isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, 2) I’m considering taking a year out after F2 to do a Masters, 3) You can be a registrar and still nice to students- shout out to Mr A for his advice on intercalating and how to get involved with research.

And finally, NEVER clean your ears with cotton buds!


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