I’m The Worst Person To Go Dress Shopping With

But I really like dresses. You see my dilemma?

I’m a “dress person,” which means that they’re my favourite item of clothing, and quite high on my list of favourite things in general to be honest. I’m that person who swoons when passing wedding dress shops, and will stop a stranger in the street to tell them I like their dress. I own quite a few dresses- from casual ones to smart ones, to evening dresses, ball gowns and bespoke ones I’ve had tailor made, my dress collection grows with every excuse I have to get a new one. And our medical school half way ball is in exactly two weeks, the perfect excuse for dress shopping!

Which brings me to the title of this post: I really am the worst person to go dress shopping with.

Why, you ask? Because I’m really indecisive, meaning that it can take me hours to pick one. Abs (my mother) is such a babe for putting up with it, because she’s always on the receiving end of my dress sulks. I always go dress shopping for big events with Abs and the Keen One a.k.a. Kenny, and this is probably why I sulk more. Ken, being the Keen One that she is, usually manages to find a dress she likes in the first shop that we go into, but it’s never that easy for me.

So I get sulky and annoyed, start giving monosyllabic responses when asked what I think of the dresses I’m trying on, which makes the whole process longer for everyone. The worst thing is that I’m aware of the fact that I’m being a pain, but I can’t stop being in a foul mood, and it’s really frustrating. This goes on until I eventually find a dress after hours of acting like a child, and then I’m all good again!

This is a process that has been going on for years, but today, I was determined to change things; new year, better Tai!

I met Abs in London with a plan- I wanted either a green or purple dress that was either a mermaid cut, empire line style, or a sheath gown. With this in mind, we went shopping, and I was determined not to go into one of my signature dress sulks.

So how did it go? Well after just under an hour, and three shops later, I have a dress!!! It’s very pretty, and has lace in it, which is what I wanted. The style is kind of empire line meets sheath gown, and after having the tailor make some adjustments so that it fit me perfectly, I’m really happy with it! This is a new record for me, and even Abs was surprised at the more mature, decisive me. YAY.

You probably want to see what the dress looks like after I’ve hyped it up so much, but of course I’m not posting pictures till halfway ball, it has to be kept a secret 😉 I’ll say that it’s not green or purple though…

Shoutout to Abs for her never ending patience, and to Ken for providing support and comments via WhatsApp Video. Such a good day!


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