Season’s Greetings


I’ve been home for a week and it’s been so lovely to be back; I didn’t realise just how much last term’s stress drained me until I got home, but I’ve caught up on sleep and it has been brill. Abs (my mother) has been very fussy over me and my leg, so it’s been nice to be back under her watchful eye, and I’ve enjoyed having home cooked food again.

Reflecting on last term, I’m grateful to God for strength in getting through everything. From lectures to placement to OSCE, none of it would have been possible without help from people that God has put in my life, so I’m really blessed.

Special mention to Samirah for being my rock, to York Girl for pretty much becoming my personal chauffeur, and to Has for just being an all round great guy. In the wise words of Clarence Odbody, “No man is a failure who has friends,” and this has been my reality over the last few months.

From my family to yours, hope you’re having a great Christmas break filled with lots of food and relaxing and laughs! All the best for the new year 🙂


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