Pembroke College Oxford May Ball

Two years ago, I was invited to attend the Pembroke College Oxford ball as a guest of my sister, The Keen One a.k.a Kenny. I had such a great time, so I was more than happy to go again this year, and I got to bring Starbucks Gal with me!

The theme of the ball was Studio 54, a throwback to the disco 70s era, and highlights included Love Train (an awesome funk band), the silent disco (Dancing Queen will always be a TUNE), the ball pit because why the heck not? And of course, taking breaks from partying to watch the Simpsons in the college common room. The tenuous link to Studio 54 was that the episodes shown had Disco Stu in them; so random but I was here for it tbh.

Here are some pictures from the night- Ken and I played our FAVE game of Stalking The Photographer To Get In As Many Photos As Possible, and we got some great shots!







Why Am I So Accident Prone?

So, I’m walking with a limp again, and just like last time, it was caused by netball. Sigh.

For anyone who doesn’t know, my last week of neurology placement last semester involved me limping around the wards because I sprained my knee. This time, it’s my ankle that’s the problem, and I twisted it while playing netball with my housemates in the park.

It was a spontaneous decision to have a “throw about,” which is like a kick about but much better because it involves netball, and it was very cute and fun, even though I hurt my leg. Just look how happy we all were!

House Netball

On a positive note, I went home this weekend, so I was able to get some much needed TLC and food from Abs (my mother). My ankle is feeling better too, so here’s hoping I don’t do any more damage to it…


I’m The Worst Person To Go Dress Shopping With

But I really like dresses. You see my dilemma?

I’m a “dress person,” which means that they’re my favourite item of clothing, and quite high on my list of favourite things in general to be honest. I’m that person who swoons when passing wedding dress shops, and will stop a stranger in the street to tell them I like their dress. I own quite a few dresses- from casual ones to smart ones, to evening dresses, ball gowns and bespoke ones I’ve had tailor made, my dress collection grows with every excuse I have to get a new one. And our medical school half way ball is in exactly two weeks, the perfect excuse for dress shopping!

Which brings me to the title of this post: I really am the worst person to go dress shopping with.

Why, you ask? Because I’m really indecisive, meaning that it can take me hours to pick one. Abs (my mother) is such a babe for putting up with it, because she’s always on the receiving end of my dress sulks. I always go dress shopping for big events with Abs and the Keen One a.k.a. Kenny, and this is probably why I sulk more. Ken, being the Keen One that she is, usually manages to find a dress she likes in the first shop that we go into, but it’s never that easy for me.

So I get sulky and annoyed, start giving monosyllabic responses when asked what I think of the dresses I’m trying on, which makes the whole process longer for everyone. The worst thing is that I’m aware of the fact that I’m being a pain, but I can’t stop being in a foul mood, and it’s really frustrating. This goes on until I eventually find a dress after hours of acting like a child, and then I’m all good again!

This is a process that has been going on for years, but today, I was determined to change things; new year, better Tai!

I met Abs in London with a plan- I wanted either a green or purple dress that was either a mermaid cut, empire line style, or a sheath gown. With this in mind, we went shopping, and I was determined not to go into one of my signature dress sulks.

So how did it go? Well after just under an hour, and three shops later, I have a dress!!! It’s very pretty, and has lace in it, which is what I wanted. The style is kind of empire line meets sheath gown, and after having the tailor make some adjustments so that it fit me perfectly, I’m really happy with it! This is a new record for me, and even Abs was surprised at the more mature, decisive me. YAY.

You probably want to see what the dress looks like after I’ve hyped it up so much, but of course I’m not posting pictures till halfway ball, it has to be kept a secret 😉 I’ll say that it’s not green or purple though…

Shoutout to Abs for her never ending patience, and to Ken for providing support and comments via WhatsApp Video. Such a good day!


New Year, Better Me?

HELLO, and happy new year!

I am back in uni land for the new semester, and I am absolutely BUZZING, because there are so many great things to look forward to. Halfway ball, the annual charity fashion show, visits from friends, and open mic nights put on by the new Healthcare Arts and Performance Society that I’m part of, are just a few of the things coming up this semester. It’s going to be a busy one, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t keep busy amirite?

Ofcourse, I’m still here to get my degree, so I’m also looking forward to learning about the Gastrointestinal System. We’ve been told that it’s not as intense as ENT, Ophthalmology and Neuro, so hopefully that’ll give me more time to keep on top of things. I want to be better at keeping up with my notes this semester, and if that means learning to say ‘No’ more, then so be it. While it’s good to not just be about medicine all the time, I mustn’t forget that this degree should be higher up on the list of my priorities.

I also want to be better at my challenges of the month. I’ve been slacking lately, and I feel bad because I used to do something new every month, but now I’m not going out of my comfort zone as much as I used to. So due to this, I’ve decided that this month’s challenge of the month will be Tinder. That’s right, you read right – The Ice Queen is going to go on a Tinder date at some point this month. Stay tuned for updates.

Another thing I want to better at is cooking Nigerian food while I’m at uni. I’ve enjoyed teaching my housemates more about Nigerian culture, so I want to carry on with it this year. Armed with a list (and pictures) of spices and ingredients from Abs (my mother), I plan to go to the African food shop and buy a ton of stuff to cook with. Exciting times ahead!

Finally, I want to be better at reading in my free time. I don’t read much during term time, (probably because I don’t have much free time), but after getting through Purple Hibiscus and A Monster Calls in a couple of hours during the Christmas break, I realised how much I miss it. So every night, I’m going to try and read before bed. Book suggestions are very welcome 🙂

And those are some of “resolutions” for the new year! Will I manage to accomplish them? I guess time will tell…


Dedicated to Abs (My Mother)

For many years, being a single mum with kids was the dream. I wanted to be a doctor too (obvs), and I’ve never not wanted to have children, but being married/having a husband wasn’t really on top of my priority list. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded raising my future children alone.

People who know me well will probably read this and think, “Classic Ice Queen,” but the reason why being a single mum looked great was because Abs (my mother) did it so well.

Seeing my mum effortlessly balance work and looking after us made it look easy. I’ve admitted many times that I was quite a spoilt child, and it’s true, because despite a bit of a tumultuous start, my childhood was very comfortable.

We owe a lot of that to God’s grace, ofcourse, and it enabled my mum to be Superwoman, as she raised us without ever showing how tough it must have been for her.

Seriously it was only when I told her that I used to want to be a single mum, that she started to tell me how hard it was. She never showed it, not even once, and since then, I have taken back my words.

I’ve always wanted to be like my mum, and a lot of who I am has been influenced by her. I’m very blessed to have grown up with such a wonderful role model, and I pray everyday that I’m as great as mum as she is, when I have my own children.

Anyway, this week, she celebrated her 47th birthday!


Mummy, I don’t say it enough, but everything I’ve accomplished so far would not have been possible without the many sacrifices you’ve done for us. Your never-ending patience and kindness inspire me to be a better person, and I love you very much.



Okay, slight exaggeration. But I did get fined on a train last week. Long story short? It sucked.

What happened, you ask? Allow me to explain.

I was on the train, you know, minding my own business, when the ticket inspectors turned up and asked to scan my Oyster card. I thought it would just be a quick scan and I could go back to napping, so I was confused when one of them asked me to come over to the side to speak to him.

“Maybe he’s going to tell me off for sleeping,” I thought, as I walked over with him. But nope, it was worse. Apparently his machine showed that I hadn’t tapped my card when I passed the barrier.

This made me even more confused because I was sure I’d tapped it twice, as I had been in a rush, so I did it a second time to make sure it’d gone through. Ever the law abiding citizen, I explained this to the inspector; I even told him where I came on from and where I was going, and apologising profusely, I offered to pay for the journey then and there.

So you can only imagine how taken aback I was when he straight up refused and started accusing me of jumping the barrier. He then went into a spiel about how I should have followed my “friend’s” example and tapped my Oyster card. (He was referring to The Keen One a.k.a. Kenny, as she had gone ahead of me with no problems).

Then he dropped the bomb: I would be receiving an £80 fine. SO UNFAIR.

He refused to budge even though he knew I definitely had money on my Oyster card; he just kept asking me for some ID so that he could write out the fine. It was so embarrassing because the carriage had quite a few people on it, so they were all staring at us. I’m forever making scenes, it seems.

To make things even more humiliating, I didn’t have enough money to pay the fine (the student life struggle is so so peak), so I had to call The Keen One a.k.a. Kenny to help. Shout out to my sis for being a top babe and paying it for me though- on the up side, the fine was reduced because she was able to pay it there, so yay?

Abs, my mother, is totally annoyed on my behalf, and has insisted that I appeal the fine, and I fully intend to. SO UNFAIR.

Really hope none of this will affect my fitness to practise and stuff… does this mean I have a record now? C’est la question.