My First Committee Position

I’m the new Charities Co-ordinator for a society that raises money to improve the lives of children overseas. We choose different organisations to send money to each year, and it is my job to keep in contact with charities the society is supporting, update on how funds are being spent, and research new charities to get involved with.

We had our first committee meeting this week, and it was great to meet everyone properly and pitch ideas for next year. Not going to lie, it did worry me a bit that what people seem to care most about is the fashion show that the society puts on. Yes, that’s the most well known means of fundraising, but surely we should also focus on raising awareness of the charities and not just modelling? Well it’s still early days, so maybe I’m worrying for nothing.

In other news, Friday’s anatomy exam was… okay. I didn’t do too bad in it, and for that I thank God! I now know the areas I need to revise more, so I’ll be working on those for the summative exams in June. Celebrated getting through anatomy with a foundation year medics reunion BBQ, and it was super cute:

foundation meds BBQ
Module 2 secondary care placement starts on Monday, BUZZING.