End of Second Semester

I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! I go home tomorrow and I’m actually sad to leave because I’ve had a great term. So different from the end of last semester when I couldn’t wait to go home because I’d had enough of exams and was feeling crappy. But this isn’t a post about last term’s low happiness levels. A lot of great things have happened this semester so here are some highlights;

– My first student house! Sure, there was some drama and it’s not exactly the most extravagant house, but we have somewhere to live next year and I’m glad.

– Getting a really good mark in my SSS presentation in January. I got full marks in the online diary part of it, and I have this blog to thank for that because making this has made me more confident with blogging.

– Becoming more involved with the youth group in church and making new friends 🙂

– Becoming more involved with societies in general, and joining new ones like Rock Climbing and KAOS, where I was able to meet and befriend some great people.

– Seeing Taylor Swift in concert! LOVE her.

– Visiting my sister in Oxford, which was very very fun. Oxford is beautiful and just to make you happy Ken, I’ll say I prefer it to Cambridge.

– How can I forget dislocating my shoulder and going to A&E? TOP bant. I was definitely more accident prone this term because remember when I overdid it in athletics and couldn’t walk for a while? Gooood times…

– Modelling and performing in the KAOS fashion show. I most definitely do not have the patience to be a model but I still had a great time and we raised over £1500!

– Performing in the Glee Showcase, which was the first time I’ve sang in public on my own without my sister. It was strange but it went really well and my solo performance of Céline Dion’s That’s The Way It Is won me the award of ‘Outstanding Soprano’ in the Glee Awards. The committee also said I was a “ray of sunshine” in the society for my “constant cheerfulness,” so that was really kind of them.

– Going to the LCR in clown makeup. I regret nothing.

– Getting a lovely end of year PBL report from my tutor, who said he loved the enthusiasm I brought to sessions and he also said he enjoyed my different approach to chairing, because it was fun and I was still very efficient. I nearly cried because of how nice he was and the final grade he gave me. Yeah, I’m such a sap.

And so so much more, it’s been such a good term! One of the best things about it has been spending time with and getting closer with my flatmates, as that was one of the things I was determined to do at the start of term. So yay for perseverance and not giving up! Not everyone will want to be my friend (and that’s okay), so it’s better to make an effort for those who do, and not waste time being sad about those who don’t.

Just got back from my last lecture of the year because all I have after Easter is revision and two exams. My next lecture will be when I get into year 1, by God’s grace! It’s all getting so real now… eeeeeeeeep. I plan to start revising properly a week after I get home because I want to spend the first week catching up with friends and just doing nothing to be honest. So many people to see and I can’t wait to see them all! Exciting times ahead 🙂