Module 8 Placement (Gastro) & End of Term

In the four years that have passed since I started this blog, I think this is the longest I’ve gone without an update.

To say this semester has been busy would definitely be an understatement, but I’m home now (YAY), and now have more free time (YAY again), so I can go back to blogging; I’ve really missed it.

A lot has happened in the last month, so I’ll start with some highlights from gastro secondary care placement:

Getting to scrub in and help out in theatre was really fun! It was useful to practise scrubbing in properly for the first time since first year, and the consultant we were with was very patient, such a nice man! The procedure was a panproctocolectomy (removal of the whole colon), and it was quite the procedure- so. much. blood.

I was absolutely grilled on CT interpretation during one of our sessions, and I never got to thank one of my colleagues, who sneakily whispered answers to me, saving me from embarrassment in front of everyone. The person probably didn’t think much of what they did, but it was much appreciated, and meant a lot.

We got to clerk patients from A&E when I stayed out of hours, and this put us on the spot because we had to present our findings to the consultant, and come up with management plans. I felt more junior doctor than medical student that evening, and it made me so excited to graduate and start doing it properly!

In a liver disease clinic, I watched the consultant give a fantastic explanation of Hepatitis C to a patient, and it was truly the best information giving I have ever seen. SO GOOD. The clinic also made me realise that I’d been quite judgmental about IV drug users in the past, so meeting an actual drug user completely shattered my misconceptions and prejudice.

I’m definitely not a natural at suturing- I struggled initially, and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but I’m think I’m there now… well, sort of.


We received the results of our OSCE today, and I passed, HALLELUJAH. I’m just so relieved, because the OSCE was the toughest one I’ve had to date; suturing and ERCP interpretation were particularly not great, and not going to lie, there were definitely some tears afterwards, so I’m just grateful to God that overall it was okay.

What else have I been up to? Well the annual charity fashion show was last month too, and I modelled for New Look and the Nigerian Society, and it was so much fun!

New Look 2017Nigerian Society 2017

I’m also finally done with being a student caller for the year, and we managed to raise over £180,000 for various programs across the university, so I was honoured to a part of it all.

Boy am I glad the term is over though! With work and placement and volunteering and revision and well, socialising, ofcourse, it’s been very draining, so looking forward to relaxing over the next week at home 😀


Organising A Fashion Show Is Hard

I take back everything I’ve ever said about easy modelling is, and how overhyped fashion shows are for how little work goes into them. I was naive and very wrong, because these last few months have been my most stressful time at university so far.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m the Charities Co-ordinator for a society on campus that raises money for children’s charities around the world. Last term, we had our Christmas Shoebox Appeal to send presents to orphans in Romania, and this term our big fundraiser was the fashion show.

I’ve been involved with it since foundation year, but this year was my first time on committee, and to say it was stressful would be an understatement. From contacting shops, to organising fittings and rehearsals, and sorting out over 100 models and performers, it’s really been a lot of work.

In the weeks leading up to the show, I started having nightmares about it, where things went wrong on the day; I was very much on edge through organising it all, so I thank God for keeping me calm!

Yes there were hiccups, but the show went mostly quite well, and we’ve raised over £1000 so far! Massive shoutouts to my friends for their support:

To Mahan, Lu and Bangledeshi Bae, who were shop liaisons, to The Boss for modelling topless, to Baby Ri for sitting front row, and to Starbucks Gal, who came back from South Africa in time for the show, and reminded me to eat during the day.

Also, thank you to everyone who signed up to model. My year had to put up with me talking about the show A LOT, so I appreciate them listening to me. Special mention to Samirah, for her patience through the confusion with the line she modelled for, and for just being great in general.

You are all wonderful people, and I could not have gotten through it without your help.
Okay, enough of the mushy stuff. Here are some backstage pictures from the show:

In other news, one week till Easter break! Our Module 3 OSCE is on Monday (lol), so back to revision I go…



Catwalks and Pancakes


Last weekend I was part of the university charity fashion show, and I had such a great time! In addition to modelling for Retreat Vintage, I was also a New Look shop liaison. This involved me getting in contact with the clothes and swimwear models, organising fittings for them, making sure they were comfortable with what they were wearing, getting the outfits to campus, and taking them back to the shop after the show.

So. Much. STRESS.

It all worked out well though; my partner, Chloe, and I were very organised, so we managed to get things sorted out in time.  We were lucky because our models were very mostly cooperative, and we felt so proud seeing them all done up for the show.

So beautiful!

Like last year I was a model for Retreat Vintage, and that was so much fun! I really really liked my outfit, and I didn’t fall over, YAY.  Can’t wait for next year!


In other news, this week was Shrove Tuesday day and we had a pancake party (which is definitely becoming an annual thing), and that was also pretty fun. How sick I felt in the morning after however, was not very fun. Note to self: Mushrooms, nutella and whipped cream are definitely not a good combination. Bleurghhhh.